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Swimming pool and nozzles supplies

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Browse our ever-expanding selection of swimming pool supplies and pool and spa accessories at low export prices

Avoid the middle man and deal direct with us at great prices. We do not have agents and we do sell directly worldwide to many countries such as United States (USA), Canada, South American, Middle East, Europe, Asia, India and more.... more


Heat pumps, titanium coils, Japan compressors liners Brass fountain nozzles
Pool heaters
pool heat pumps under US$ 1,200!
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water heater on the market
Swimming pool liners
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Wide range of fountain nozzles

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of fountain nozzles and swimming pool parts. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to develop customized Nozzles, fountain and musical fountains solutions based on requirements.

We deal in Fountain Nozzles, Fountain Gallery, Fountain Lights, Musical Fountains, Fountain Accessories, Swimming pool products. Our high-tech range of fountain nozzles covers Jet Nozzles, Multi Jet Nozzles, Rotating nozzles, Water film Nozzles, Foam Effect nozzles, Sphere effect nozzles, Water level Independent & Dependent nozzles and Spray Ring.

For our Pool products, we supply: Pool chemicals, Leaf skimmers, wall skimmers, wall brushes, algae brushes, leaf deep rakes, chemicals (TCCA powder granular, tablets...), chemical dispensers, in-line chemical feeders vacuum heads, pool poles in various length, pool thermometers, swimming pool liners, underwater lighting, water pumps, spa parts, swimming noodles, pool and spa covers, water hoses, stainless steel ladders, Basic PH & CL water Test Kit, lounge chairs, inflatable mattress, games, quick up pools, water heaters, water heat pumps, solar pool heaters, air conditioners and many more swimming pool accessories.

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